Langabhat Medical Practice

Leurbost, Lochs, Isle of Lewis HS2 9JP
Tel: 01851 860222

Gravir Opening Times

The Gravir Surgery in Pairc, South Lochs, will be open on Tuesdays from 10am to 1pm.

Unpaid Carer Status

We are experiencing a high number of calls today, following the announcement below by NHS Western Isles. If you are able to, in the first instance, please contact the Practice by email [email protected]. This will allow our phonelines to remain clear for urgent calls.

On receipt of an email, we wll then reply to confirm if you are already registered as a carer or that we will update your record to include carer status. If you don’t have access to email, then please call 01851 860222.

Change to Phonelines

From Monday 1st March the practice will be implementing a new policy, whereby we will only be dealing with emergency patient calls from 5-6pm.

Bringing Home Health Monitoring to our Patients

The impact of Corona virus has introduced many challenges for General Practice in how we continue to deliver services to our patients.  Practices are embracing Telephone Triage, Telephone and Video Consultations, alongside traditional face to face Consultations.   These measures are necessary to reduce the transmission of Corona virus and to protect patients and staff from potential exposure to it. 

Providing regular Long Term Condition review appointments has also been challenging and we are exploring ways we can improve this experience for our patients.  One way is by using home monitoring equipment and enabling patients to send their results into the practice to be reviewed by a member of the Clinical Team.  This gives patients the control to monitor and record some of their results at home and saves them from having to travel to attend appointments. 

High Blood Pressure is one condition that is very suitable for Home Monitoring.  Our Clinical Team have begun reviewing Patient records to see who may benefit from this service and everyone for whom it is suitable will be contacted by one of our Community Navigator colleagues.   In the coming months, patients who are deemed suitable will receive a telephone call from either Joan or Louise Anne from this team. They will explain in more detail how the system works, and Louise Anne will be able to come out to their home to show them how to use the equipment and help you get started, should this be required/appropriate.  

So, if you are currently receiving treatment for High Blood Pressure you may receive a call from one of our Community Navigators,  Louise Anne:  07966 259060 or Joan  07971 715009  in the next few months.